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Slippery Floor

From Slipper to Safe: How Anti-Slip Flooring Can Make Your Space Accident-Free

Slippery floors are a major safety hazard that can lead to serious slip-and-fall accidents these incidents may involve fractured bones, brain damage, and death. They can also be costly, both in terms of medical expenses and lost productivity. To mitigate this problem, many facilities use anti-slip flooring.

Ibex Sure Foot is a type of anti-slip solution that is specially designed to provide a greater level of traction, making it less likely that someone will slip and fall. Each of these alternatives has advantages, so select the perfect one for your area.

The use of anti-slip solution can lead to several positive results, including a reduction in the number of slip and fall accidents, as well as a decrease in the severity of injuries when accidents do occur. In restrooms, kitchens, corridors, business spaces, and hospitals, anti-slip solution works well. These areas are particularly prone to slippery surfaces, as water and other liquids can easily accumulate on the floor. By using an anti-slip solution, you can help to reduce the risk of slip and fall in these areas and create a safer environment for everyone.

When it comes to assessing a floor’s slip resistance, there are numerous ways available. A slip meter is a device that measures the friction between the floor surface and a person’s shoe.

Step 1: The slip meter is used to measure the slide resistance on the floor during the testing operation. This information may then be used to assess if a floor is safe to walk on.

Step 2: Depending upon the slip index testing in step one we accordingly decide the thickness of the applied solution

Step 3: The last step is to check whether the floor is slippery or not which is done by a slip-resistant meter. Which gives an exact result within a minutes.

In conclusion, slip and fall accidents may have significant effects, therefore it’s important to take precautions to limit the likelihood of these incidents in your surroundings. Anti-slip solutions are effective, and it is possible to create a safer environment for everyone by selecting the right type and using it in conjunction with regular cleaning and maintenance. Don’t let slips and falls hold you back! Try Ibex Sure, the ultimate anti-slip solution for any surface. Our advanced technology ensures maximum safety and security for you and your loved ones. Contact us today to request a free sample or to schedule a consultation.