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One Solution Endless Benefits of Anti-slip Solution.

Pep to your step without the fear of slipping with a revolutionary anti-slip coating. An invisible floor treatment that helps prevent slip and fall accidents at any place. Slip and fall accidents are amongst the deadliest causes of injuries in the world. As a result, slip-resistant flooring is a health and safety requirement for most industrial and commercial establishments, as it is only a matter of time until a member of staff or client experiences a painful and costly accident. In order to avoid such mishaps and improve floor safety. Anti-slip is a solution in which the floor is treated so that the anti-slip capabilities remain in practically all conditions, preventing you and your loved ones from slipping. Treatment is a transparent, water-based solution that produces microscopic channels on the floor surface and improves slip resistance. The best aspect of this solution is that it does not damage the color or texture of the floor after treatment and lasts for 4 years.


Anti-slip floor coating provides a heap of practical and down-to-earth advantages that will be beneficial for both long and short periods of time by saving your life. There are two options for implementing anti-slip floor coating. You can choose it for a new floor or cure an existing surface in your parking deck, commercial area, workplace, home, entrance, processing plant floor, strolling ways, steps, containers, cafes, workshop, kitchen, club, restroom, and vehicle parking. You can even install anti-slip steps within your pool. Apart from that, anti-slip floor coating provides complete control over the surface’s design, preserving the look and feel of your space while adding a sense of safety with anti-slip floor coating. The solution’s primary benefits include no downtime or disruption, guaranteed results, and cost-effectiveness. Anti-slip floor coating can be used on wet, and dry surfaces. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, may enhance the attractiveness of your floor, and provide a long-lasting solution.

Ask more for your floor now, since Ibex Sure Foot has the important point of minimizing the chance of slip and fall incidents at any location without having to replace your flooring. Ibex Sure Foot provides a simple and quick solution to keep you safe using the latest nanotechnology that is ecologically friendly and acclaimed in the United States and built to international standards by providing anti-skid flooring service.

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