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About Ibex Sure Foot


Ideal for application on bathroom floors, kitchen floors, swimming pool surroundings, common areas of buildings or any other spaces that become slippery and dangerous when wet.


Extremely useful in hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, entrance areas, lift lobbies and all commercial spaces that are wet washed or slippery when wet from rain.


Enhances industrial safety and productivity on shop floors, loading and unloading areas, storage areas and any indoor or outdoor spaces that are susceptible to being wet.

Unique Formula

Transparent liquid application that does not stain or discolour your floors. Microscopically etches a tread into the surface to create a strong anti-slip coating.

Skilled Application

Our skilled staff will come to your premises at a time of your choosing to apply the product. A typical bathroom can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Immediate Benefit

There is no long drying or curing time. You can use the treated floor space immediately after the application has been completed without any concern.

Slip Meter Testing

Our application team will demonstrate the efficacy of the product and application with a state of the art slip meter from the USA.

Social Impact

Besides reducing accidents for the frail or elderly, we give preference to employing the handicapped to provide them a fuller life.

4 Year Guarantee

We guarantee to make the surface slip-resistant for 4 years, whether indoors or outdoors, or reapplication is free.

Safety starts here

Think Safe. Act Safe. Be Safe


Why Us

The Ibex Advantage

We will save money for you by reducing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents at your work place or public places. At home, Ibex Sure Foot prevents a serious slip injury to loved ones on slippery floors.

  1. We guarantee the non slip surface for 4 years!
  2. No disruption to your business / home during application.
  3. Our non-slip surface solution is suitable for all areas including offices, entrances, factory floors, stairs, walking paths, workshops, canteens, restaurants, clubs, kitchens, swimming pools, bathrooms and changing rooms and all rooms in a home.
  4. Works on tiled surfaces, concrete, vinyl, wooden floors, metallic floors and acrylic floors.
  5. We employ physically handicapped people to help give them employment and dignity.

If you have any issue or doubt about your floor surface slipperiness, contact us. We will come to you to asses your situation and at all times you can be sure that our representative will have your best interest at heart.

We keep you safe

Key Benefits

Simple & Quick

Application is fast and safe. A typical 50 square foot bathroom area can be completed in less than 30 minutes and can be used immediately afterwards.

Works Anywhere

Our product works on almost any flooring including tiles, marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, wood and glazed bath tubs. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Latest Technology

Ibex Sure Foot uses the latest nano technology to provide a long lasting non-slip finish. It is environmentally friendly and does not change the colour or texture of your flooring.

American Standards

Our product is OSHA and NFSI certified in the USA and is manufactured to international standards. We ensure floor friction remains above 0.5 COF.

Real People

Real Stories

Passionate About Perfection

Ibex Sure Foot

Ibex sure  foot is a brand owned by Kher Konde LLP who is an exclusive distributorship and master franchisee for the region of  India  for Anti Slip flooring solutions from Trusty step international in the USA.

It was started in early 2017 and is a one of a kind product and services company in this industry. It operates only through its registered franchisee’s in India who go through a rigorous selection process .

They are supported with the product, training and marketing as well as intelligent sales tools and accounting tools to make their franchisee’s organised and profitable.

Sachin Konde

He is a young dynamic co-founder of this enterprise. An inherent entrepreneur and engineer by qualification , Sachin has been in diverse businesses such as floriculture and has a chain of exotic florist outlets in the country. His previous business,  which is now family run,  has given him great experience in the distribution model and creating a sales network. One of his focus areas is to build the distribution and seles network for the business. His late father,  who was handicapped, has been an inspiration behind providing employment for the differently abled people at Ibex Sure Foot.

Ranjit Kher

It was his idea to come up with this business  that provides slip resistance on existing floors. He saw this business being a great success abroad a few years ago and decided to introduce it to the Indian market. The idea of making a social impact is not new to him and the fact that there is an opportunity to reduce slip and fall accidents greatly and keep people safe in their environment was something that struck a chord .He comes with over a decade of experience in the sanitation business which he confounded many years ago. 3s is today the largest portable sanitation business in the country and  has had to its credit many social impact awards. He is presently invested in it with two other investors. His extensive hands on operations expertise is the guiding force in this business.

All India

Franchise Opportunities

Ibex Sure Foot intends to appoint franchisees for all Indian cities to operate at local levels for that region. To this effect applications for Franchise opportunities are invited from cities all over India.

Please provide the following details in email to info@ibexsurefoot.com:

Full Name, Age, Address, Phone, Present Business/Activity, Investment Capacity, State/City for Franchise.

This will facilitate us in providing suitable guidance.

We can help you succeed in business with our proven business model, training, promotions, as well as support.

We look forward to working with you.


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